Our Historic Inn in Murdo, SD

LandMARK Country Inn was originally constructed as the town doctor’s dream home with the help of his eldest sons. The building was intended to rise up to four levels, containing the doctor’s office, as well as rooms for his 12 children.

It was a grand plan covering an expanse of 7,600 sq. ft. in total, including an indoor-outdoor pool, cabana, maid’s quarters, and the examining and waiting rooms as part of his medical office. However, this dream home was unfortunately never completed because the doctor and his family eventually returned to Australia.

The vast property was then left unattended, at the mercy of vandals and prairie elements. Until one day, an enterprising young man came back home to the community after college and saw the property’s true potential.

Historic Inn

The Beginning of the Inn

From there began the long and tedious project of repair and completion of this unique structure. With the help of his parents, he applied his skills and talent for interior design, which can still be seen in every part of the Inn.

Everything from the magnificent chandeliers to the unique sunken tub baths offers breathtaking detail, adding to the personality of the property. Every room available for hotel booking was painstakingly designed with its own decor and various oil paintings and intriguing antiques.

Thanks to this young man’s endeavors, this structure, originally meant to be a family’s dream home, had now been transformed into a place for respite and restful quiet for the weary traveler. The homey atmosphere makes it the perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

To this day, the Inn is kept in pristine condition, ready to welcome guests anytime they might need to take some time off.

South Dakota History

Family Run

The owner-operators of the inn also do live in the property, which makes it their family home. This means that each and every guest staying at the inn is actually going to be entering their home. That’s why you can look forward to a warm and sincere welcome from them, even being treated like you’re family. – Portia Brown

A Piece of South Dakota History

The LandMARK Country Inn is a local hotel with internet and a pool that also boasts 14 new, spacious family units. Each room or suite is individually decorated and secured with private entrances, so you can come and go as you like! Do check out our gallery for more photos of our rooms and suites. You can also take a look at them from our front desk if you’d like to see them in person, in the event that you decide to drop by our property. Contact us in Murdo, SD today!