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LandMARK Country Inn

Inn History

The construction of the LandMARK Country Inn was originally begun by the town’s doctor and his eldest sons as his “dream home”.  It was intended to house the doctor’s office and his twelve children.  The floor plans (7600 sq. ft.) included an indoor-outdoor pool, cabana, and maid’s quarters, as well as, examining and waiting room for his office portion.  The spectacular dream faded, however, when the doctor and his family returned to Australia, and the skeleton of the partially-completed house was left to vandals and prairie elements.  With broken doors and windows, it became shelter to meadowlarks, barn swallows and cottontails.  It seemed to most of the townspeople that the house would join the many abandoned homesteads found on the prairie.

An enterprising young man returning to the community after college, bought the house seeing its promise of beauty, and began the long and tedious project of repair and completion of an unique four-level structure.  Encouraged by his mother and assisted by his electrician father, a local plumber and a little old lady in tennis shoes, he applied his skills with breathtaking results.  His artistic eye and touch for interior design can be seen in every detail of the Inn, from its magnificent sunken tub bath to its chandeliers.  Each room is uniquely and individually decorated, featuring antiques and many original oil paintings.

The LandMARK Country Inn offers restful quiet for the weary traveler in a homelike atmosphere, and a spectacular prairie view complete with colorful sunsets.  The Inn is also the home of the owner-operator, and you will be treated like welcome family.            

                                                         — Portia Brown




Testimonials from travelers:

“A rare combination in this inflationary age—luxury meets economy at the LandMARK Country Inn.”


“One feels at home at the LandMARK Country Inn…...the feeling of an elegant country estate of days gone by, prevails.”




The LandMARK Country Inn’s newest addition has 14 more spacious family units.  Each room or suite is individually decorated as you will see on ROOM PHOTOS & SUITE PHOTOS with private entrances to come and go as you like!



We show our rooms, or for your convenience we have photos of each room or suite at the front desk.